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DGC-04 pick closed automatic cladding hole

Machine model: DFB-NC502-B03

Product Description:

Mechanical walking mechanism adopts imported linear guide rail, which is driven by stepping motor. The whole machine has small transmission gap, high rigidity, stable and reliable operation and convenient integration.
High degree of automation and automatic welding process.

Features of CNC surfacing machine tools:

The surfacing alloy layer and the workpiece matrix are metallurgically bonded, and the bonding strength is high;
The surfacing welding speed is fast and the dilution rate is low; The dilution ratio of powder plasma arc surfacing can be controlled between 5% and 10% or lower.
The surfacing layer has compact structure and beautiful shape; The surfacing welding process is easy to realize efficient automatic production, improve labor productivity and reduce labor intensity.
Integrated structure, convenient transportation and movement.
Equipped with lighting and exhaust fans, shading and moving protective doors, the operation is simple, the overall structure is beautiful and humanized.

Performance advantages

Applicable products:
Suitable for picks and small and medium-sized round shaft workpieces.




Configuration item Model and brand Description of main parameters Configuration item Model and brand Description of main parameters
Transverse mechanism motor Research control stepping motor Effective stroke 240mm & nbsp& nbsp;& nbsp;& nbsp; Arc voltage tracking Multi wood integration
Lifting mechanism Pneumatic cylinder Effective stroke 75mm Current communication 485 communication
Spindle rotating motor Research control stepping motor Speed: 0.01r/min ~ 10.0r/min Touch screen Weiluntong 7-inch screen & nbsp; TK6071IQ
Tailstock thimble Multi wood self-made Jacking mode: Pneumatic Control system Mitsubishi, Japan FX series PLC
Three jaw chuck K11-130C Clamping range: 10 ~ 130 mm Control panel Multi wood manufacturing Integrated on the equipment shell
Reference floor area Length 2000 mm & nbsp; Width 1000 mm & nbsp; 1800 mm high

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