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DNC3000 surfacing system for middle groove

Machine model: DNC3000

Product Description:

Features of CNC surfacing machine tools:

Mechanical walking mechanism adopts imported linear guide rail, precision worm gear reducer and stepping motor to drive walking. The whole machine has small transmission gap, high rigidity, stable and reliable operation and convenient integration.
High degree of automation and automatic welding process.
Equipped with arc pressure tracking, the welding gun can track the change of the surfacing surface and automatically raise or lower the welding gun, so that the welding effect is less affected by the flatness of the product surface and the surfacing quality is high.
The surfacing alloy layer and the workpiece matrix are metallurgically bonded, and the bonding strength is high;
The surfacing welding speed is fast and the dilution rate is low; The dilution ratio of powder plasma arc surfacing can be controlled between 5% and 10% or lower.
The surfacing layer has compact structure and beautiful shape; The surfacing welding process is easy to realize efficient automatic production, improve labor productivity and reduce labor intensity.
The welding gun and powder feeding pipe are routed from the cross bar, which is convenient for surfacing the bottom plate of the middle groove.

Performance advantages

Applicable products:
Overlay welding and surface repair of upper plate and lower plate of middle groove and all planar products.
Machine tool features:
1. the mixed control system of PLC and four-axis numerical control system is adopted to meet the requirements of various working conditions of surfacing welding of the middle groove.
2. The welding machine has communication function with the system, and the welding parameters can be changed from time to time in the welding process.
3. It has the function of arc pressure adjustment, and the welding gun automatically changes its height with the change of arc pressure, so as to adapt to the change of scraggy of surfacing welding surface.
4. Using code programming to realize image input surfacing.
5. The power supply adopts the integrated plasma surfacing power supply produced by our company (the model is selected according to the product), which has high control precision and stable performance.
6. Equipped with inner hole type high current plasma powder surfacing gun to meet the requirements of interlayer surfacing.
7. High degree of automation and high efficiency.
8, can be equipped with extended telescopic arm.
product application
1. Manufacture wear-resistant middle grooves of various specifications and models.
2. Wear-resisting and strengthening the middle groove of the newly purchased scraper conveyor.
3. Strengthen repair and remanufacture old scraping machines of various specifications and their middle slots.
4. Make wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant and high-temperature resistant composite steel plates for special purposes.




Configuration item Model and brand Description of main parameters Configuration item Model and brand Description of main parameters
Transverse suspension beam Research control stepping motor Effective stroke 2000 mm, speed 2400mm / min & nbsp& nbsp; Arc voltage tracking Multi wood integration Automatically adjust the welding torch distance during welding
Lifting column Research control stepping motor Effective stroke 600 mm speed 1200mm / min Current communication 485 communication  
Mobile base Research control stepping motor Effective stroke 2000 mm, speed 2400mm / min & nbsp& nbsp;& nbsp;& nbsp; Control system Fang Ling Two axis CNC system
Beam profile length   3000 mm Mitsubishi, Japan FX series PLC
Console Multi wood manufacturing Dual system mobile integrated control platform with handheld button control box Touch screen Weiluntong 7-inch screen & nbsp; TK6071IQ
Reference floor area 5000 mm long & nbsp; 3000 mm wide & nbsp; Height 2000 mm

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