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Overlaying Machine For Inner Hole Of Extruder Barrel

Machine model: DSL-LC401

Product Description:

Features of CNC surfacing machine tools:

Performance advantages

Equipment features:
Mechanical walking mechanism adopts imported linear guide rail, precision worm gear reducer and stepping motor to drive walking. The whole machine has small transmission gap, high rigidity, stable and reliable operation and convenient integration.
The welding roller frame adopts dual power, and two wheels rotate at the same time. The driven wheel can be adjusted up and down, and can slide back and forth, so as to meet various barrel products with different lengths.
Applicable products:
It is suitable for surfacing welding of wear-resistant layer and repair of damaged surface of outer circle and inner hole of general shaft parts and pipe parts. This product is mainly suitable for surfacing and surface repair of double barrel products.





Configuration items

Model and brand

Description of main parameters

Arc voltage tracking

Multi wood integration

Automatic adjustment of welding torch distance in welding process

Current communication

485 communication

Automatic adjustment of current and powder feeding

Adjustable tug frame


Rated load 1000kg

Power Distribution Cabinet

Multiwood manufacturing


Integrated base

Multiwood manufacturing

Dimension: l x w = 3.2x1.2m


Multiwood manufacturing

Mobile control platform, handheld touch control box

Axial displacement

Research and control stepping motor

Effective stroke 1500 mm

Lifting mechanism

Research and control stepping motor

Effective stroke 500 mm

Vertical mechanism

Xinjie servo motor

Effective stroke 400 mm

Power roller carrier

Xinjie servo motor

Maximum linear speed: 800mm / min

Rated load

Rated load 1000 kg

touch screen


7-inch screen tk6071iq

Reference footprint

Length 4200 mm, width 2000 mm, height 2000 mm.

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