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Plasma powder surfacing gun for 300A machine

Machine model: DJPT30018-HQ

Product Description:

Features of CNC surfacing machine tools:

Performance advantages




model DJPT30018-HQ      
Main arc Hydropower integration   cooling Main arc cooling
Tungsten electrode workpiece Negative positive   Ion gas 0.5-6L/min
Tungsten needle model 4.8   Protective gas 5-25L/min
arc voltage 90   Nozzle cooling Direct water cooling
welding current 30-300a 80% temporary load rate   Nozzle aperture 3.0 (3.0-5.0 can be customized)
Dimensional arc Hydropower integration   Cable length Standard 5m (customizable)
Tungsten electrode nozzle Negative positive      
Dimensional arc current 3-20a 100% temporary load rate      
Powder feeding type Direct powder feeding through powder feeding hole      
Powder feeding capacity Max. 150g / min      
Powder feeding gas 1.0-3.0L/min      
Powder type metal powder      
Powder particles 70-200um      
Powder feeding gas path Dual gas path independent entry      

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