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Basic principle of plasma surfacing


    Plasma surfacingThe basic principle is that the heat source is plasma arc, and then the powder feeder is supplied to the welding gun through the plasma arc, and then the plasma arc will quickly heat the alloy powder and the surface of the substrate and melt together, and then cool down to form a high-performance alloy layer, thus Realize the function of plasma surfacing. ,
   The fusion interface surfacing layer made by plasma surfacing has a dense structure, very high bonding, plasma arc energy concentration, good stability, low dilution rate, and strong controllability of penetration. Qi characteristics are reflected in the following aspects:
    1. The current rise and fall time are adjustable, and the steam time is adjustable.
     2. The range of arc starting, single pulse, and base current can be adjusted in a wide range.
     3. Excellent high-frequency arc starting to ensure the smooth arc starting of the machine.
     4. Programmatic trading operation, convenient and flexible in actual operation.
     5. Strong ability to resist the fluctuation of power network, guarantee the tensile strength of the arc and the length of the arc.
     6. The port number of the communication system can complete the remote operation of welding.
     7. Set up a variety of maintenance functions, which can reasonably reduce common faults in welding.
     The above is the "basic principle of plasma surfacing", and at the same time introduces the characteristics of the equipment, I hope it can be helpful to you, if you have any needs in this regard, you can contact us online, and we will be happy to serve you!

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