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How shall we protect ourselves in the operation of machine?


Prevent to get an electric shock
Powder surfacing machine and cutting power supply with high no-load voltage, especially manual operation, easy to produce electric shock.In this way, the power supply must be reliably grounded while in use, and the welding or cutting body must be reliably insulated from the hand contact area.It can be ignited at low voltage without arc turning and then connected to arc turning circuit at high voltage.If the handle is equipped with a start switch, it is necessary to cover the exposed switch with an insulating rubber sleeve to avoid direct contact with the switch.Use automatic operation whenever possible.
Arc radiation resistance
The radiation intensity is mainly ultraviolet radiation, supplemented by visible light radiation and infrared radiation.Compared with other arcs, plasma arc has stronger light radiation intensity, especially ultraviolet intensity, so the damage to skin is very serious. The operator of powder surfacing machine must wear masks and gloves when welding or cutting, and it is better to have ultraviolet absorbing lens.When automated, the protection screen can be set in the operator and the operation area.In plasma arc cutting, water cutting method can be used to absorb light radiation.
In the process of welding and cutting, the powder surfacing machine is accompanied by a large amount of evaporation of metal vapor, ozone and nitride.Especially when cutting, due to the large flow of air, the dust on the work table is raised in large quantities. These smoke and dust have a serious impact on the respiratory tract and lungs of workers.When cutting, ventilation device can also be set up under the grating working table, and water cutting method can also be used.
Noise suppression.
Powder surfacing machine produces high noise intensity and high frequency, especially when using high-power plasma arc cutting, the noise is large, and it does great harm to the auditory system and nervous system of operators.Its noise energy is concentrated between 2000 and 8000 Hz.Operators must wear earplugs.Wood industry xiaobian suggested that, under possible conditions, try to use automatic cutting, so that the operator in indoor work good sound insulation, can also be used in the water cutting method, the use of water to absorb noise.

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