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What power source does the powder surfacing machine use?


The powder surfacing machine uses a plasma arc high-energy density beam as the welding heat source. The powder surfacing machine has the characteristics of energy concentration, high production efficiency, fast welding speed, small stress and deformation, and stable arc. The editor of Duomu Industry believes that it is suitable for welding thin plates, boxes and other refractory, easily oxidized, and heat-sensitive metals Materials (such as tungsten, molybdenum, copper, nickel, titanium, etc.).
The gas heated by the arc is compressed when it passes through the water-cooled nozzle at high speed, thereby increasing the energy density and dissociation degree, thereby forming a plasma arc. Because of its stability, heat generation and temperature are higher than the general arc, so its melting capacity and welding speed are very large. The gas generating the plasma arc and the surrounding protective gas are usually pure argon. It is also possible to use helium, nitrogen, argon or a mixed gas of both according to the material characteristics of different workpieces.
Principle of powder surfacing
Powder surfacing machine is a common equipment for cutting metal and non-metal materials. This technology uses a high-speed, high-temperature and high-energy plasma stream to heat and melt the cutting material, and discharge the cutting material through an internal or external high-speed air or water stream until the plasma stream passes through the back to form an incision.
Powder surfacing machine characteristics
1. The powder surfacing machine can weld foils and thin plates.
With a small hole effect, it can better realize the double-sided free forming of single-sided welding.
3. The plasma arc energy density is high, the arc column temperature is high, and the penetrating power is strong. The 10~12mm thick steel sheet is welded without grooves, which can be fully welded at one time. The welding speed is fast, the productivity is high, and the stress and deformation are small.
The equipment is more complicated, the gas consumption is large, the gap between groups is large, and the cleaning requirements of the workpiece are strict, and it is only suitable for indoor welding.
Powder surfacing machine power supply
When using a powder surfacing machine, DC current and droop power are generally used. Through the special arrangement of welding torch and independent plasma shielding gas flow, unique working characteristics can be obtained. Ordinary TIG power supply can be added to the plasma console, or a special plasma system can be used. Using sine wave alternating current, the plasma arc is not easy to stabilize. In the arc, due to the large gap between the electrode and the workpiece, the plasma is compressed, and the plasma arc is difficult to work, and in the positive half cycle, the overheated electrode will round the contact tip, thereby affecting the stability of the arc.
The editor of Duomu Industry recommends that the powder surfacing machine use a dedicated DC switching power supply. Adjust the waveform balance, shorten the duration of the positive electrode of the electrode, so that the electrode is fully cooled, so as to maintain the shape of the tip contact tip and form a stable arc.

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