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Brief introduction of powder surfacing machine?


Powder welding machine It is a metal surface modification equipment independently researched and developed by duomu Industrial Co., Ltd. with independent intellectual property rights. It mainly improves the wear resistance, corrosion resistance and impact resistance of metal surface by plasma surfacing technology.
  Brief introduction of powder welding machine
Plasma surfacing was put into industrial application in 1960s. It uses the plasma generated between the tungsten electrode of the welding torch as the negative electrode of the current and the matrix as the positive electrode of the current as the heat, and transfers the heat to the surface of the workpiece to be welded, and sends the welding powder to the heat energy area to deposit on the surface of the workpiece to be welded, so as to realize the surface strengthening and hardening of the part surface. The surfacing technology has the advantages of high productivity, beautiful shape and easy to realize mechanization and automation in the surfacing process. It is in line with the development trend of green manufacturing, and has been widely used in manufacturing industry.
Powder heap welding machine is a kind of surfacing equipment which uses plasma arc as heat source, uses high temperature generated by plasma arc to rapidly heat alloy powder and substrate surface and melt, mix, diffuse and solidify together. After plasma beam leaves, self-excited cooling is formed to form a layer of high-performance alloy layer, so as to realize the surface strengthening and hardening of parts.
Because plasma arc has high arc temperature, high heat transfer rate, good stability and strong controllability of penetration, the thickness, width and hardness of surfacing layer can be adjusted freely in a certain range by adjusting the relevant welding parameters.
After plasma powder surfacing, the fusion interface is formed between the base material and the surfacing material, and the bonding strength is high; The results show that the microstructure of the surfacing layer is compact, corrosion resistance and wear resistance are good; The dilution of matrix material and surfacing material is reduced, and the change of material properties is small; The use of powder as surfacing material can improve the selectivity of alloy design, especially the smooth surfacing of refractory materials, and improve the wear resistance, high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance of the workpiece. Powder welding machine has high productivity, beautiful forming and surfacing process, easy to realize mechanization and automation.
Characteristics of powder welding machine
1. The results show that the cladding alloy layer is metallurgical bonded with the workpiece matrix, and the bonding strength is high;
2. High cladding speed and low dilution ratio;
3. The microstructure of surfacing layer is compact and beautiful;
4. Plasma surfacing welding can be carried out directly on the surface of rusty and greasy metal parts without complicated pretreatment process;
5. The surfacing process is easy to realize mechanization and automation;
6. Compared with other plasma spray welding equipment, the equipment has the advantages of simple structure, energy saving, easy operation and easy maintenance
Scope of application
Multi wood powder welding machine can be widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, engineering machinery, mining machinery and other industries, such as wear-resistant surfacing of various valve sealing surfaces (conventional gate valve, stop valve, check valve, safety valve, etc.), as well as the repair of oil drill pipe, bearing, shaft, roll, pick after wear, etc., its application prospect is very broad.

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