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Deterioration and loss of metallurgical machinery
In the process of smelting, the deterioration of machine is due to the natural environment and the external force, such as strike, fatigue and so on. In addition to this those would lead to phenomenon of being defaced of machine, including dust, dirt, raw material adhesion. Degradation would decline the overall performance and the accuracy of  the machine that it is disfunction. The loss of machine is about physical and intangible. The physical loss is influenced by use intensity, length of service time, idle environment. The intangible loss is that the original machine can’t catch up with the advancement of science and technology as well as the upgrade of manufacturing process. It can’t meet the requirement rapid expansion of the metallurgy technology if the machine is obsolete of  performance, precision and function, that the value of reproduction is decrease.       
Equipment maintenance method   
Equipment maintenance methods include post-maintenance, preventive maintenance, improved maintenance and maintenance prevention. We advocate post-maintenance for auxiliary equipment, preventive maintenance for main equipment, improved maintenance during maintenance and maintenance prevention during equipment design and selection.   
breakdown maintenance   
Preventive maintenance refers to the maintenance based on inspection. Equipment maintenance personnel carry out  inspection on the equipment, take the wear rule as the basis, and troubleshoot the hidden dangers of the equipment before the fault occurs.For metallurgical equipment preventive maintenance has certain preventive and remedial characteristics, not only is to improve the equipment performance and the important means to ensure normal operation of equipment, is the strong basis metallurgical industry safety in production, preventive maintenance mainly includes the following aspects: one is strengthen the daily maintenance of equipment, to ensure that the equipment is in good condition and open rate;The second is to strengthen preventive testing, through accurate regular and irregular testing of equipment to find out the potential fault of the equipment in time, timely analysis of the cause, and take effective measures to deal with, timely find problems, analyze problems and solve problems;Three is to develop emergency plan for equipment maintenance, according to the type of potential equipment faults, take effective measures to prevent maintenance before equipment faults occur;Fourth, do a good job of the relevant equipment ledger and equipment testing data and fault analysis records, is conducive to correctly understand and master the operation state of equipment and equipment performance parameters change rule, facilitate daily maintenance, improve maintenance efficiency.
To improve the maintenance     
Improvement and maintenance is to use advanced technology to improve the structure and performance parameters of the equipment, aiming at some existing defects of the equipment, and improve the utilization rate of the equipment by improving the reliability, maintainability and advancement of the equipment.

The use of Shanghai Duomu plasma surfacing welding machine in metallurgical industry can effectively repair metallurgical equipment, wear resistance and corrosion resistance, prolong the service life of machinery.



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