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How to use micro-beam plasma welding machine to weld thin parts?


Duomu industrial editor reminds you that, Micro plasma welding machine Low current (usually less than 30a) fusion welding process is adopted. In order to ensure the arc stability at low current, the combined arc of compression nozzle (0.6 ~ 1.2mm) and small aperture (0.6 ~ 1.2mm) is generally adopted.
In other words, there are two arcs in the welding process, one is the non transfer arc burning between the electrode and the nozzle, and the other is the transfer arc burning between the electrode and the weldment. The former plays the role of starting arc and maintaining arc, which makes the transfer arc very stable when the current is less than 0.5A, and the latter is used to melt the workpiece.
 How to use micro plasma welder to weld thin parts
Micro beam plasma arc is a kind of plasma arc. On the basis of the arc produced by ordinary plasma welding, the micro plasma welding machine adopts measures to enhance the arc stability, further increases the compression strength, reduces the current and air flow, and reduces the size of the arc chamber. As a result, the micro nozzle of the micro plasma welding machine emits micro plasma arc flame, which is as fine as a sewing machine needle.
Although its working principle is similar to TIG welding, its welding quality is far better than it.
Compared with TIG welding, micro plasma welding machine has the following advantages:
It can weld thin metal with a minimum thickness of 0.01 mm.
When the arc length changes in a large range, the arc will not be broken, and the columnar feature can be maintained. The welding speed is fast, the weld seam is narrow, the heat affected zone is small, and the welding deformation is small.
Preparation before welding: cleaning of welding parts and welding materials. For thin parts, especially ultra-thin parts, due to easy deformation, mechanical cleaning is limited. At present, chemical cleaning is mostly used.
Welding operation: for ultra-thin parts (0.05 ~ 0.2mm), the end joint is generally used, i.e. pre welding, curling, self fusion welding, etc., which is very suitable for foil welding.
As for the alloy (nickel copper alloy), it is usually used to make sensing diaphragm. When welding, micro plasma welding machine is needed. Argon is used for ion gas and helium is used for shielding gas. Both shielding gas and ion gas are sensitive to hydrogen pores, so hydrogen cannot be added at the same time. It is suggested that Ar + H2 mixture can be used in austenitic stainless steel, nickel base alloy and other materials, which can make the weld glow.

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