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What materials are used in powder surfacing machine?


Powder welding machine It is a metal surface modification equipment independently researched and developed by duomu industry, with independent intellectual property rights. The surfacing equipment process is one of the effective technical methods to improve the wear resistance, corrosion resistance and impact resistance of metal surface.
  What material is used in powder welding machine
Classification of surfacing powder
At present, there are mainly two kinds of plasma surfacing powder used in powder heap welding machine at home and abroad, which are self fluxing alloy powder and composite powder.
Self fluxing alloy powder
Self fluxing alloy powder is mainly composed of nickel base, cobalt base, iron base and copper base. Although it has good comprehensive properties, nickel and cobalt are rare metals with high cost, so they are usually only used in surfacing with special surface performance requirements. The iron-based alloy powder has the characteristics of wide source of raw materials, low price, and good performance, so it is more and more widely used.
(1) Nickel based self fluxing alloy powder. Nickel based self fluxing alloy powder is called nickel base alloy powder. The nickel based self fluxing alloy powder has low melting point (950 ~ 1150 ℃), and has good wear resistance, corrosion resistance, heat resistance and oxidation resistance. It can be divided into two categories:
Ni-b-si series and Ni-Cr-B-Si series. Ni-b-si series are self-fluxing alloy powders formed by adding proper amount of boron and silicon into nickel; Ni Cr B Si series are self fluxing Ni Cr B Si alloys which are widely used and of various varieties by adding CR and C into Ni B Si alloys.
(2) Cobalt based self fluxing alloy powder. The self fluxing alloy powder formed by adding boron and silicon into cobalt chromium tungsten alloy is called cobalt base alloy powder. Cobalt based self fluxing alloy has good fluidity, red hardness, corrosion resistance and thermal fatigue resistance. It can be applied to the surface coating of oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance and wear resistance working at 600 ~ 700 ℃, such as surfacing welding of sealing surface of high pressure valve.
(3) Iron based self fluxing alloy powder. The self fluxing alloy powder, which is mainly composed of iron and properly added with chromium, boron and silicon, is called iron-based alloy powder. This kind of alloy is developed on the basis of chromium stainless steel and nickel chromium stainless steel. It can be divided into two types: austenitic stainless steel type self melting alloy and high chromium cast iron type self melting alloy.
(4) Copper based self fluxing alloy powder. At present, there are two kinds of copper based self fluxing alloy powder developed and applied in China, one is tin phosphorus bronze powder, the other is white copper powder with nickel. It has low friction coefficient, good resistance to seawater and atmospheric corrosion, and has good scratch resistance, good plasticity and easy processing.
Composite powder
It is composed of two or more solid phases with different properties, and there are obvious phase interfaces between different phases. It is a new engineering material. Duomu industrial editor tells you that the composition of composite powder can be metals and metals, metals (alloys) and ceramics, ceramics and ceramics, metals (alloys) and plastics, metals (alloys) and graphite, etc., covering almost all solid engineering materials.

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