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Hand-held plasma surfacing machine

Machine model: DML-V02BD

Product Description:

DML-V02BD powder surfacing equipment is a metal surface modification equipment independently developed by our company with completely independent intellectual property rights. This surfacing process is one of the effective technical methods to improve the wear resistance, corrosion resistance and impact resistance of metal surfaces.

Features of CNC surfacing machine tools:

1. DSP digital processing technology is adopted, which has fast speed and accurate control.
2. High precision: the small current can reach 2 years, and the arc is stable ...

Performance advantages

DML-V02BD powder surfacing machine
Multifunctional configuration:
1. plasma powder surfacing
2. Plasma arc welding
2. Precision pulse welding (imitation laser welding)
3. Precision argon welding
Working principle:
Plasma powder surfacing takes plasma arc as the heat source, and uses the high temperature generated by plasma arc to heat alloy powder and substrate surface quickly and melt, mix, diffuse and solidify together. After plasma beam leaves, it cools itself to form a high-performance alloy layer, thus realizing the surfacing process of strengthening and hardening parts surface. Because plasma arc has high arc temperature, high heat transfer rate, good stability and strong penetration controllability, the thickness and width of surfacing layer can be controlled by adjusting related surfacing parameters. After plasma powder surfacing, a fusion interface is formed between the matrix material and the surfacing material, and the bonding strength is high The microstructure of surfacing layer is compact, with good corrosion resistance and wear resistance; The dilution of matrix material and surfacing material is reduced, and the change of material characteristics is small; The use of powder as surfacing material can improve the selectivity of alloy design, especially the smooth surfacing of refractory materials, and improve the wear resistance, high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance of workpieces.
Features of welding machine power supply:
1. DSP digital processing technology is adopted, which has fast speed and accurate control.
2. High precision: the small current can reach 2 years, and the arc is stable.
3. Chopping technology, wide current range output control, 2A-125A, all of which can output stably.
4. High voltage design to ensure the smoothness of arc starting of welding machine.
5. High voltage design ensures arc stiffness and arc length.
6. Small dimension arc current can reduce loss, load of welding gun and energy consumption.
7. Integrated design of main arc power supply and maintenance arc power supply, with simple structure and low failure rate.
8. Multifunction: Powder surfacing, simulated laser welding and precision argon welding are all in one, which can meet different work requirements.
9. Digital communication port, which can realize remote control of welding (optional).
10, built-in powder feeding controller, linkage control.
11, powder feeding time can be set, early or late powder feeding.
12, with manual powder feeding, automatic powder feeding function.
13. Current rising time, falling time and gas delay time can be set.
14. A variety of welding guns can be selected. Hand-held welding guns can be used to realize on-site surfacing and repair, which is convenient, flexible and efficient.
Advantages of plasma surfacing:
1. The surfacing and cladding alloy layer is metallurgically bonded with the workpiece substrate, and the bonding strength is high;
2. High surfacing speed and low dilution rate;
3. The surfacing layer has compact structure and beautiful molding;
4. Plasma surfacing can be directly carried out on the surface of corroded and greasy metal parts without complicated pretreatment process;
5. The surfacing process is easy to realize mechanization and automation;
6. Compared with other plasma spray welding, the equipment has simple structure, energy saving and easy operation, and easy maintenance
product application
1. Steel and coal industries: surfacing welding of cold (hot) rolls, middle grooves, wear-resistant plates, picks, etc.
2. Electric power and cement industry: Intensified surfacing welding of blades and grinding rollers of steam turbines.
3. Petroleum and chemical industries: surfacing welding of drill pipes, drill bits and valves.
4. Construction machinery and mining machinery industry: rotary digging teeth of shield machine, roller sprocket, excavator bucket teeth, track shoes, etc.
5. Agricultural machinery: rotary tiller blades, etc.
DML-V02BD is also suitable for welding thin-walled stainless steel/carbon steel/copper materials.
DML-V02BD has outstanding advantages in self-fluxing welding, such as high arc energy, long and thin arc column, strong penetrating power, no need of grooving for thin workpieces, and shortened welding time. The welding speed is 3-6 times that of ordinary argon arc welding. Because of the small hole effect, one-side welding and two-side forming can be realized, and the 3mm plate can be welded completely at one time.




Main technical parameters and models DML-V02BD
  Ion welding Argon welding
  Continuous welding Pulse welding Continuous welding Pulse welding
Dimensional arc current (a) 2-10  
Welding current (a) 2-125 2-200 2-125 2-200
Base current (a) 2-125 2-125
Current rise time (s) 0.0-5.0 0.0-5.0
Current drop time (s) 0.0-5.0 0.0-5.0
Pulse welding time (MS)   1-999   1-999
Welding interval (MS)   10-990   10-990
Advance powder feeding time (s) 0-5  
Delayed powder feeding time (s) 0-5  
Shielding gas delay time (s) 1-20 1-20
Input voltage (V) AC220V,50HZ
Rated input power capacity (kVA) 3.75
Load duration (%) 60%
Weight (kg) 46
Overall dimension (mm) 500*400*400

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